The 860 AKA VT-17, 38160 and SE-3119 is a 100 watt dissipation tetrode. Full ratings to 30 MHz. It was one of the first tubes designed by RCA to operate into the VHF range and was first available in 1929. Used extensively in WWII Navy transmitters. RCA made them with white and metal bases. The third and fourth examples were made by Westinghouse with metal and baklite bases, the fifth was made by GE and the sixth with the carbon anode by United. De Forest numbered their version of this tube the 560 and Western Electric made the 260. In WWII, the Japanese produced their versions of this tube, the D-860 and the UX-860. They also made a larger version, the UV-812.

Length = 8.81" Diameter = 4.59"
Max voltage = 3000
Max current = 85 ma
Fil voltage = 10
Fil current = 3.25 amps         GOTO INDEX