The VT-127A is a triode that was produced in WWII for use as a ring oscillator by Eimac as shown in the first example. It is rated at 100 watts and has a mu of 15.5. They replaced the VT-127. They were used in the WWII SCR-268 radar. The second example was made by Heintz & Kaufman, the third and fourth by Sylvania, the fifth by ICE and the sixth by Westinghouse (WL-534A). Early Sylvania and Westinghouse tubes had the same construction as the Eimac VT-127 tubes. As was with the earlier VT-127, there were experiments to put bases on the VT-127A as shown in the last example made by H&K. It is marked in pencil "SAMPLE".

Length = 5.25" Diameter = 3.75"
Max voltage = 3000 (16,000 pulse)
Max current = 225 ma (9.4 ma pulse)
Fil voltage = 5
Fil current = 10.4 amps         GOTO INDEX