The VT-127 is a triode that was first produced before WWII for use as a ring oscillator by Eimac. It was rated at 100 watts and had a mu of 15.5. The original tube was a modified 100T and was designated the 100TS. It had a UX type 4 pin base. The 127s were soon replaced by the VT-127A. The second example was made by Sylvania. As is shown in the third example, experiments were made using 50 watt bases. Eimac records indicate that tubes similar to this were made with "dummy" 50 watt bases where the filaments were brought out the side of the envelope.

Length = 5.25" Diameter = 3.75"
Max voltage = 3000
Max current = 210 ma
Fil voltage = 5
Fil current = 10.4 amps         GOTO INDEX