The 35T is a 50 watt dissipation triode with a mu of 39 and a maximum frequency of 100 MHz for full ratings. The 35T was introduced in advertisments in April 1936. The first 35Ts had no caps over the plates but they were soon added as shown in the second example. Post war tubes changed to "Pyrovac" plate material and were made with the white ceramic as well as aluminum bases as shown in the third and fourth examples and some with black ceramic bases. Some 35T tubes were produced by Lewis Electronics. The 35T is a smaller version of the 50T and an experimental tube having characteristics of both and is shown on the 50T page.

Length = 5.50" Diameter = 1.80"
Max voltage = 2000 VDC
Max current = 150 ma
Fil voltage = 5 volts
Fil current = 4 amps         GOTO INDEX