Great, great, great, great, great, great, great,


Thomas Walford

This most ancient ancestor was born in England sometime in latter part of 1500ís Died in 1660.

His wife

Great, great, great, great, great, great, great,

Grandmother Jane or Joan ( ) Walford

b. 1598- d. before Sept 7, 1681.


"Old Strawberry Bank in Masonian grants now New Hampshire State was the land fall of some fine old English stock in the middle of the 17th century. The Masons were near the throne and the folks they spirited across the Atlantic to people their wooded domain in the New World were tradesmen, sons of tradesmen and the artisan class. Among others were the Langs and Walfords. They were not driven away by religious persecutions like the Pilgrims. They were men commercially inclined seeking to better their fortunes in the new Eldorado.

Evidences of three old families Walford, Maverick and Blackstone are found at Great Island in Charlestown, Mass at an earlier date than 1629. Also it is known that an Episcopal settlement comprising three men of means and education and some families was attempted a few miles from Boston in 1623 under the patronage of the Gorges family.

On the arrival of the Spragues, Thomas Walford was found living with wife and children in a thatched and palisaded house at Great Island Charlestown.

"A very early and sole white occupant of this penninsular in 1628". He was a blacksmith and in the employ of Mason, (one of Masonís stewards as was also William Brookin and Jeremy Walford).

In some unexplainable way he incurred the displeasure of the authorities and with his wife was ordered to leave the province and to pay a fine of 40 shillings "for contempt of authority and confronting officers" Oct. 20, 1631. He paid his fine by killing a wolf. About 1631 he removed to Sagamore Creek, (Portsmouth) where he was better treated than at Mass. His goods were sequestered for debts Sept. 3, 1633.

He was church warden 1640 and on the Grand Jury in 1654.

His wife was Jane or Joan-----b. in 1598 and was accused of being a witch by one Robert Couch in 1670. Later she sued her detractors for slander and obtained a verdict.

She died before Sept. 7, 1681. Thomas died in 1660.

His will was made Nov. 15, 1660 and was proved the 21st of the same month. Depositions made in New Hampshire Court June 27, 1667 by his widow Jane aged 69, son Jeremiah, grandson John Homes age 26, Mary Brookin age 32 and Martha Westbrook age 22, respecting his estate.

Their children were-

  1. Thomas
  2. Jeremiah, made his will Apr. 16, 1662 leaving widow Mary and children Jeremiah, Thomas and two daughters. (Widow Mary afterwards married John Amensene.)
  3. Martha born 1645 married John Westbrook and Thomas Hinchson or Hickson,
  4. Mary born 1635 married William Brookin and Wm. Walker.
  5. Elizabeth married Henry Savage and had son John and daughter Esther.
  6. Sarah married Michel Hicks of Portsmouth. He was from Barbadoes. He made his will in 1668. His widow Sarah was in Portsmouth in 1697.

The above is a lot to know of Ancestors who were born over 300 years ago. I am indebted for it to Miss Sara Lang of Watertown, Maine.

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