The UV204 or VT-8 is a 250 watt triode with a mu of 25. Maximum frequency for full power is 3 MHz. These brass based tubes were made for RCA by GE. The original tube was based on the Type "P" Pliotron and was introduced in 1921. As seen in the first example it had a spherical envelope, a stepped sided base and sheet mica to insulate the grid and filament connections. Later they were produced with T-32 straight sided cylindrical envelopes and additional modifications such as a re-enforced plate cap and straight sided base. The anode material was made from an un-plated sheet of tungsten-molydenum. GE tubes made for direct sales were designated PR-4-A. This tube was replaced by the UV204A. A UV204 without a grid was designated UV1651.

Length = 14.38" Diameter = 3.75"
Max voltage = 2000
Max current = 250 ma
Fil voltage = 11
Fil current = 14.75 amps         GOTO INDEX