The 6C22 or F-6C22 is a 1000 watt triode with a mu of 9 made by Federal for use in TV transmitters. Maximum frequency is 600 MHz for full output and is useable to 1 GHz. Tube is made with threads on the anode for a water cooling dissipator. A similar tube, the L600E was developed in WWII as a pulse tube. The L600E had a 6 volt, 13.5 amp filament, a mu of 20 and used up to 25,000 plate volts in pulse service. A version named the L600N was made with internal differences to operate in class C at higher efficiency. This tube was later designated as the 6C22. An air cooled version of the 6C22 was made to operate in cavities with forced air cooling and designated as the L600NR.

Length = 4.60" Diameter = 2.38"
Max voltage = 3000
Max current = 750 ma
Fil voltage = 6.5
Fil current = 18.5 amps         GOTO INDEX