The 5923 or TBW6/6000 is a 6000 watt power triode with a mu of 35. It requires water cooling and operates at full ratings to 75 MHz. The water jacket screws onto the tube. The 5924 is an air cooled version of this tube. The first example is made by Philips in France and the second by Amperex in France and is marked with both designations. The third example was made by Amperex in the United States. The designations 5923/AX-9904 and AX-9904 are also used by Amperex.

Length = 7.12" Diameter = 2.63"
Max voltage = 6000
Max current = 1.5 amps
Fil voltage = 12.6
Fil current = 33 amps         GOTO INDEX